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What does this have to do with photography, not much, maybe.  The great leap, sailing off the edge of the earth.  How many would/could actually do it.  A challenge to go until you are completely lost and disoriented and you can’t stop until you find land again.  I find the concept on it’s literal face completely terrifying and absolutely intriguing.

As a metaphor it is what the “creative type” is supposed to do.  Be so sure that you can go somewhere that no one has seen, grasp it, bring it back and show it off so that those who view it can go “ahh, I understand”, maybe.  It is such an amazing thing when someone shows you something from a point of view you have never seen.  I would love to do that, I just know that the water needs to get above our knees.

“Swim Until You Can’t See Land” by Frightened Rabbit


Oh yeah, very cool song